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Green River Fishing Itinerary

Cast a fly on famous waters

Day 1: Drive from Salt Lake City to Dutch John

Distance and time
208 miles (four hours)

Walk to the river bank and start fishing!

Guide Services:

  • Cost estimate: $450 for two people — 8 hour fishing day.
  • Guide services for hire, boat and raft rentals


Supplies, licenses, fishing gear:  

There are three C-stores in the area near Dutch John.


Some restaurants are seasonal — check for hours


National Forest campgrounds near Cedar Springs Marina: 

  • Cedar Springs, .25 mile
  • Deer Run, .5 mile
  • Firefighters Memorial, 2 miles
  • Greendale group site, 2.25 miles
  • Arch Dam group site, 3 miles
  • Dutch John Draw group site, 5 miles
  • Mustang Ridge, 14 miles


Day 2 through 4: All-day fishing

About the River:

Below Flaming Gorge Dam is the Green River, one of the most renowned trout fisheries in the world. The dam releases an optimum water flow and temperature for trout in the river. The clear emerald waters support a large population of trout.  Rainbows are more common just below the dam and browns dominate further downstream. You can spend all day fishing in any of the Green River's three sections. Learn more about fishing this stretch

If you've hired a guide, you can expect 8 hours of their time. Your fishing day will end at about 4 or 5 p.m. at Dutch John. Bring your lunch, drinks and snacks.

Planning your Days:

A great strategy to fishing the Green River is to hire a guide for one day and then fish on your own for two more days.  The guide will provide a great experience and education on the proper flies or lures to be using for the season. On the additional days you can rent a boat, fish from the river bank, try fishing on Flaming Gorge or in the mountain lakes. This strategy reduces your average daily costs and provides a fantastic experience.

You can float the river on your own by renting a rubber raft for about $165 per day. This includes the shuttle service to the river and to pick you up downstream.

Fishing from the bank:

There are many great places where you can fish the Green River from the bank. There is no cost other than having your license. Along the A section of the river from the dam to Little Hole, there is a 7 mile trail. Camping and fires are not allowed in this section of the river. Sections A, B, and C have 20 miles of trails along the river. Camping below Little Hole is permitted.


Day 5:  Return to Salt Lake City

Optional activities to round out your trip:

  • Tour the Flaming Gorge Visitors Center — Located at the Flaming Gorge Dam and open all year.  Enjoy interpretive displays and free dam tours in the summer.
  • Red Canyon Visitor Center — Located on a rocky point 1,700 feet above the lake. A fantastic view!
  • Sheep Creek Geologic Loop — Near the west side of the lake.  This scenic backway winds through dramatic geologic formations.  The Uinta fault runs through this area and is clearly visible in the extremely twisted rock layers.  You may see Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in this canyon.  This 13 mile loop begins 15 miles west of U.S. 191 on S.R. 44 and five miles south of Manila. Estimated drive time is 1 hour with stops. This road is paved except for a short section of gravel in the middle and is passable by any vehicle. Open spring through fall.
  • Raft on the Green River — For fishing or fun, a small raft and shuttle service costs about $165.
  • Boat tours of Lake Flaming Gorge – Provided from the Cedar Springs and Lucerne marinas.

Optional activities for the return trip:

  • Dinosaur National Monument: This activity would require a different return route to Salt Lake City. This may take one of your fishing days but if you like dinosaurs it’s well worth the side trip.
  • Visit the Olympic Sports Park or walk the charming Historic Main Street in Park City

Events and Information

Browse additional resources, driving distances from cities around the regions and events in the Flaming Gorge area.