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Flaming Gorge Fishing Itinerary

Go for the record breaking fish in the lake!

Day 1: Drive from Salt Lake City to Manila.

Distance and time:  170 miles (three hours)

Find your guide, rent your boat or walk to the bank and start fishing!

Guide Services & fishing boat rentals:

Cost Estimate: $500 for two people - 8 hour fishing day.

Guides are available all year! For full day, half day or a two hour guided fishing adventures, these businesses can help you get fishing quickly! 

Lucerne Valley Marina

Cedar Springs Marina

A listing of all fishing guides.

Grocery stores for supplies, licenses and fishing gear:  

Flaming Gorge Market

Lucerne Valley Marina

Slaugh’s Sinclair & C-store

Where can we eat? (Some restaurants are seasonal — check for hours)

The Villa Family Restaurant

Lucerne Marina


Day 2 through 4: Keep fishing!

Most of the year you will be fishing by sunrise on a full day guided trip.  Most guides provide all the necessary fishing equipment.  Guides cater to all experience levels.  Make guide reservations early.  Some guides are booked months in advance, especially on the weekends!

Lake Flaming Gorge is one of the west’s great fisheries. From the world record German Browns to the state records for lake, rainbow and brown trout, the lake holds big fish! The 91 mile long reservoir also holds trophy species of kokanee salmon, tiger trout, small and large-mouth bass, carp, channel catfish and burbot.

There are over 42,000 surface acres of water on Lake Flaming Gorge and it is common to catch fish over 30 pounds!  Trout thrive here year round.  Fish habits are seasonal so call guide services to find the best time to catch specific types of fish.

A great strategy is to hire a guide for one day and then fish on your own for two more days.  The guide will provide a great experience and education on the proper lures or bait to be using for the season. On the additional days you can rent a boat, fish from the bank,  try fishing on the Green River or in the mountain lakes.  This strategy reduces your average daily costs and provides a fantastic experience!

Fishing from the bank of the lake:

There are many great places where you can fish from the bank. There are miles of public access shoreline around the lake.  You cannot fish from the boat ramps or near swimming areas.  Stay off the concrete boat ramps or you may get a citation. You can fish from the banks at the sides of the boat ramps.

Ideal places to fish from the bank are Jug Hollow or Antelope Flat near the Utah border on hwy 44, the state line beach, the Lucerne or Cedar Springs marinas, the areas near the Sheep Creek Bay boat ramp, the Mustang Ridge campground, the Flaming Gorge Dam fishing pier near the visitor’s center, under the bridge on highway 191 to the south of the dam and other locations where service roads reach the lake. 

A $25 spinning rod and a few lures or some bait is all you need to start having fun! All the tackle is available at local stores so come on up to Lake Flaming Gorge.

See an Area Map

Guided Ice fishing at its best!  How about catching a burbot every 3 minutes!

Cost Estimate: $300 for two people — four hours of fishing.

There are usually 2 months (January and February) when the lake is frozen. Ice fishing is a very popular winter activity. The large lake trout are in deeper water and the smaller trout and kokanee salmon are in shallower water. Guides can help you catch these fish all winter.

Ice fishing for burbot at night has become very popular. Burbot are easier to catch in the winter. The burbot is a freshwater cod-like fish that has a serpentine body. It’s a cross between an eel and a catfish.  The burbot body is long with a flat head and a wide mouth. 

Guided burbot fishing from boats is available October through December from dusk till 11 PM. Flaming Gorge has no limit on year round burbot fishing. Experience the non-stop action of guided burbot fishing!

Day 5: Return to Salt Lake City.

See these listings for optional activities during your stay and for the return trip.

Events and Information

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