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Utah's Easy Access

10 resorts less than an hour from SLC airport

You can practically see the slopes from the tarmac at Salt Lake City International Airport. Unlike other ski destinations, once you’ve deplaned and grabbed your bags, you’re less than an hour away from The Greatest Snow on Earth®. Less time in the car, more time on the mountain.

Getting to Utah

Air travel

With 700 daily non-stop flights to/from more than 98 destinations into the Salt Lake International Airport, skiing and snowboarding in Utah is not just fun — it’s also easy. A quick cup of coffee and a morning flight to Salt Lake City gets you on the slopes by afternoon. Once you've landed, most of Utah’s 15 spectacular resorts are … well, right here. An abundance of ski resorts near Salt Lake City means you can be high up in the mountains in a matter of minutes. Stay anywhere along the vibrant Wasatch metro (Park City, Ogden and Provo) and you'll find a winter paradise in your own backyard.

Train travel

Try a scenic train ride to feed your need for adventure. Amtrak's California Zephyr passes through downtown Salt Lake City between San Francisco and Chicago. Furthermore, after you step off the platform, phone for a taxi or schedule an Uber or Lyft request and up the canyons you go.

Getting around Utah can also be easy and effortless.

3 Tips for Quick Access

Driving Distances from Salt Lake City

Within an hour:

Ogden-area resorts:

Sundance (near Provo):

Scenic destinations:

If you're feeling up for a journey, set your sights on:

Southern Utah:

Northernmost Utah:

Resort Map

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Getting Around Utah

Utah offers well-maintained interstate highways and a vibrant metropolitan corridor with great public transportation.

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Utah's 15 Ski Resorts

The quality and quantity of Utah's snow, ski resorts and winter experiences means you truly can have the ski or snowboard vacation of your dreams.

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Powder Dreams

A three-day itinerary that visits your choice of four SLC resorts, plus a short drive north for an Ogden resort.

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