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Just 34 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Tooele is one of the best base camps for Utah's West Desert and Bonneville Salt Flats. The area boasts top ATV trails (check out the Prospector Trail Complex), hiking trails and great gaming and hunting. Top human-made attractions include Deseret Peak Complex and Utah Motorsports Campus. If you're looking to stay in the town, consider driving or hiking to the Bingham Mine Overlook or attending a weekend star party at the Stansbury Park Observatory.

Discover Tooele

  • I Spy

    I Spy

    A lone desert cow set against the soft-toned landscape.

  • Wild Horses

    Wild Horses

    A popular site along backways and trails in Utah's West Desert.

  • Deseret Peak

    Deseret Peak

    Don’t miss the view from Deseret Peak, the highest point in the county. Photo: Chris Kolb

  • Simpson Springs

    Simpson Springs

    Near the Prospector Trail Complex in Utah's West Desert.

  • Prospector Trail Complex

    Prospector Trail Complex

    An overlook along the Simpson Mountains

  • Prospector Trail Complex

    Prospector Trail Complex

    Russ Steadman along the historic Pony Express National Historic Trail route.

  • Prospector Trail Complex

    Prospector Trail Complex

    A Simpson Mountains overlook

  • Bonneville Salt Flats

    Bonneville Salt Flats

    The Bonneville Salt Flats are just a 90-minute drive from Tooele. Photo: Jonathan Grado

Local Highlights

Utah Motorsports Campus

One of the nation’s premier motorsports facilities, this campus has hosted events ranging from the Utah Grand Prix and the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah to the Pirelli World Challenge, AMA Superbike Championship and NASCAR. The Campus lures racing fans, club racers and families looking for high-speed fun on the Kart Track or Wide Open Wednesday (WOW) laps and classroom sessions.

Deseret Peak Wilderness

Deseret Peak Wilderness is located in the Stansbury Mountains of Tooele County, near the towns of Tooele and Grantsville, not far from the Great Salt Lake. This semi-arid wilderness is part of the Great Basin ecosystem. It contains rugged terrain and high peaks that include Deseret Peak itself at 11,030 feet, and many steep-walled canyons shadowed by rocky outcroppings.

Benson Grist Mill

This mill was made of rock and wood by skilled pioneer artisans over 150 years ago. From 1854 to the 1940s, the Benson Mill processed wheat and corn by the ton. Now, this historic site hosts monthly events, including a farmers market, garden tour and pumpkin walk. Learn more

Pony Express National Historic Trail

This National Historic Trail follows the path of the Pony Express riders, a horse-relay system that helped mail cross the continent in a matter of days, rather than weeks for a brief time from 1859–1860. The route is hardly less rugged than it was in the Pony Express days, with the exception of an improved dirt road, intermittent plaques and historic sites and blossomed cities on the perimeters. See: West Desert Ramble and the Pony Express itinerary

Prospector OHV Backway Complex

This complex offers 440 miles of backcountry trails along old mining and historic county roads. Check out the Sheeprock Mountains Loop and the Simpson Mountains Loop. They are open for public use and maintained. 

Oquirrh Hills Golf Course

Play an 18-hole round at this championship facility with the Oquirrh Mountains in the background. The course was originally built in 1949 and was updated in 2007, finally adding the back nine holes to complete the 18-hole green.

Oquirrh Mountain Mining Museum

Tooele’s mining history dates back to the early 20th century when settlers staked claims in the Oquirrh Mountains. Miners first dug into the Kennecott Copper Mine in the early 1900s and by 1930, Tooele was a booming mining town. Explore Tooele’s mining history and learn about the world’s largest open-air copper mine at the Oquirrh Mountain Mining Museum.

Tooele Valley Railroad and Mining Museum

What would a mining town be without a way to transport the materials? Peak into the history of Utah’s railroads and tour the last operating steam locomotive in the state at Tooele’s railroad museum.

Tooele Pioneer Museum

The Goshute people were the first to reside in Tooele County, occupying the Oquirrh Mountains and the Great Basin area west toward Nevada. Mormon pioneers migrated to the area in the mid-1800s and began further development. The Tooele Pioneer Museum is your chance to dive into Tooele’s history with exhibits on native Goshute and pioneer artifacts.


What's Nearby?

Topaz Museum

The Topaz Museum on the south side of the wide U.S. Highway 50 that doubles as Delta’s main street is a no less an anomaly in its space than the nearby square mile “city” Japanese internment camp it commemorates (at 10000 West 4500 North, Delta). The modern, austere lines of the museum exterior give way to a thoughtful procession of five distinct spaces in the interior exhibits, where modern geographical context combine with deeply problematic historical events.

Manti LDS Temple

Perched atop a rising knoll known as Temple Hill, the Manti LDS Temple stands as a testament to the faith of the Scandinavian Mormon settlers who financed and built it. While the gothic and French revival structure is not open to the public, visitors can explore the expansive grounds of Temple Hill, the 2.5 acres of the nearby Pioneer Heritage Gardens or stop by in summer for the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Nearby Ephraim and Salina offer addition restaurants, galleries and accommodations, plus access to Palisade State Park and the ATV, hiking and horse trails of the Manti-La Sal National Forest and Wasatch Plateau.

Deseret Peak Hike

Standing at 11,033 feet, Deseret Peak is the tallest peak in Tooele County. Bag the summit on this 7.4-mile hike to catch unobstructed views of the Great Salt Lake, the salt flats, and the Oquirrh and Stansbury Mountains rising from the landscape. Begin the hike at the Loop Campground Trailhead and be sure to bring plenty of water — this is the desert, after all!

South Willow Lake Hike

Leaving from the same trailhead as Deseret Peak, you can also take the slightly shorter trek to South Willow Lake. This scenic lake is pooled beneath craggy peaks, and early summer brings plenty of colorful wildflowers. Just like any hike in the area, be sure to bring plenty of water along for the adventure.

Settlement Canyon Reservoir Fishing

This freshwater reservoir is just two miles from Tooele and has an abundance of beautiful rainbow trout in its waters. While watercraft are not allowed for fishermen, you can still enjoy a great day and reel in a great catch from the shore.

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