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Ogden, UT

January Averages
H 33°    L 21° temperatures in °F
2 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

February Averages
H 39°    L 25° temperatures in °F
1.7 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

March Averages
H 47°    L 31° temperatures in °F
2 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

April Averages
H 57°    L 39° temperatures in °F
2.2 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

May Averages
H 67°    L 47° temperatures in °F
2.1 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

June Averages
H 78°    L 55° temperatures in °F
1.4 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

July Averages
H 87°    L 64° temperatures in °F
0.6 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

August Averages
H 86°    L 62° temperatures in °F
0.8 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

September Averages
H 75°    L 53° temperatures in °F
1.3 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

October Averages
H 61°    L 43° temperatures in °F
1.7 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

November Averages
H 46°    L 31° temperatures in °F
1.7 precipation in inches

Ogden, UT

December Averages
H 35°    L 23° temperatures in °F
1.9 precipation in inches


In 1869, workers for the Central Pacific and Union Pacific drove the ceremonial “golden spike” into the ground connecting the First Transcontinental Railroad. Nearby Ogden experienced the economic prosperity, fame and a colorful reputation so often found in Western cities following an influx of money. At the height of the boom, Ogden was home to more millionaires per capita than any other place in the country. During prohibition, hidden tunnels allowed booze to flow in the speakeasies and brothels along 25th Street. So prevalent was vice and avarice in these days that even the notorious gangster Al Capone allegedly found Ogden to be too rough and lawless for his taste. Things are different today.

In the last 20 years the city has advanced a reputation as an outdoor recreation mecca. Companies like Amer Sports' Salomon, Wilson, Atomic, Arc’teryx have established operations in the city and lured employees with the city’s enticing mountain biking, skiing and hiking trails only minutes from downtown — also essential for outdoor industry product testing. Ogden is an a great city stay for visitors to the trails and uncrowded powder at the city’s three ski resorts: Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Nordic Valley.

Along the way, Ogden has worked to restore its historic art deco architecture and buildings and blend in new development toward a charming and vibrant downtown. A few walkable blocks north of the city, a $6 million restoration project cleaned up the Ogden River Parkway, creating a peaceful urban fishery with kayaking, floating and running trails.

Many of the businesses today pay tribute to Ogden’s notorious past. Alleged, a nightclub on 25th Street, names each of their signature cocktails after the notable characters who used to frequent the area, including the local 98-year-old, jazz saxophonist Joe McQueen.

One of the best-kept secrets in Utah, Ogden offers a diverse range of activities for travelers with numerous restaurants, bars and amenities to allow you to tailor your visit to the needs of just about any traveler. While you’re there, keep an eye out for the openings to the underground tunnels. Who knows what secrets lie beneath the city’s streets?

Gentrified, it is not. This is not Oglandia. It is O-Town, according to the t-shirts. People are Ogdenites — like rocks, an aggregate of unique minerals bound together … and a little gritty. To me, this place is a gem. — Paula Colman




  • 25th Street

    25th Street

    Historic 25th Street occupies three blocks and features restored Victorian buildings and whispers of art deco. Photo: Barry Gutierrez

  • Rail Town

    Rail Town

    "Still Untamed” is Ogden's motto reinforcing the independence and diversity established by railroad lines intersecting downtown during the 19th century. Photo: Barry Gutierrez

  • Ogden Rodeo

    Ogden Rodeo

    A mural promoting Ogden's annual Pioneer Days rodeo, celebrating Utah's statehood. Photo: Jeremiah Watt

  • Waffles on 25th Streeet

    Waffles on 25th Streeet

    Food truck turned restaurant sharing the love of the Belgian Liege Waffle. Photo: Jeremiah Watt

  • Parkway


    In addition to great fishing and kayaking, Ogden's River and Parkway allows you to bike, walk or run miles of paved trails. Photo: Barry Gutierrez

  • Historic Union Station

    Historic Union Station

    In addition to the appropriately located Utah State Railroad Museum, you can explore the John M. Browning Firearms Museum, Browning Kimball Classic Car Museum, and Utah State Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Photo: Barry Gutierrez

  • New World Distillery

    New World Distillery

    This destination distillery serves up Utah’s first agave (tequila) and an award-winning super-premium Oomaw Gin. Photo: Jeremiah Watt

  • Bike Fuel

    Bike Fuel

    Grounds for Coffee has an extensive list of caffeinated concoctions matched by variations on lemonade. It also rents bicycles to tour the city’s miles and miles of paved trails from its 25th Street location. Photo: Jeremiah Watt

  • Shooting Star Saloon

    Shooting Star Saloon

    Located in scenic Ogden Valley, Shooting Star Saloon is the oldest continuously operating saloon in Utah. Photo: Jeremiah Watt

  • Mittens Up

    Mittens Up

    A Snowbasin gondola ride warms kids up in between runs. Photo: Jeremiah Watt

  • Nordic Valley Ski Resort

    Nordic Valley Ski Resort

    Enjoy Nordic Valley's annual average of 300 inches, a full mountain of night skiing and inexpensive lift passes. Photo: Jeremiah Watt

  • Pow Mow

    Pow Mow

    Beloved Powder Mountain limits its daily ticket cap to 1,500, and with 7,900 acres of skiable terrain between traditional lift-served runs and cat-accessible powder country, that means there’s about three acres per skier. Photo: Jeremiah Watt

  • Union Grill

    Union Grill

    With American eats and unique sodas on tap, Union Grill is a family favorite. Photo: Jeremiah Watt

  • Bites & Beats

    Bites & Beats

    Tasty pizza served up at Slackwater Pizzeria & Pub, such as "The Hulk," which features a green cilantro-lime cream base, avocado, tomatoes, fresh jalapeños and a blend of cheeses. Photo: Jeremiah Watt

Things to Do in Ogden

Ogden Trails

From the parkways right in town or the nearby mountain trails, Ogden has a robust trail network, for hikers, equestrian riders and mountain bikers. Learn more about hiking in Ogden or see how to hike and dine in the same day

Mount Ogden Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata (Italian for "iron road") is a protected mountain climb that lets less-experienced climbers enjoy views and experience adrenaline rushes from rugged Mount Ogden that are usually only available to elite climbers. If you can climb a ladder, you can climb the Via Ferrata. You're always attached to the safety cable. No ropes or knots required. Wear comfortable hiking shoes and you’ll enjoy the guided adventure. Reserve an individual, private or group climb.

Historic Union Station

In addition to the appropriately located Utah State Railroad Museum, you can explore the John M. Browning Firearms Museum, Browning Kimball Classic Car Museum, and Utah State Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. There are also two galleries and regular events in the classic train station, whose iconic neon sign keeps watch over historic 25th Street.

iFly Utah Indoor Skydiving

Maybe you've come to Ogden for its proximity to three incredible ski resorts. Maybe you're enjoying a great meal downtown during a stopover en route to Bear Lake or Yellowstone. Whatever your itinerary, you must plan a stop at iFly Utah Indoor Skydiving. Great instructors get you oriented to the unique sensation of indoor skydiving, then set you and your family free to feel the rush in a controlled environment.

Hill Aerospace Museum

Airplane buffs will love the Hill Aerospace Museum near Hill Air Force Base. Part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program, the museum features more than 90 military aircraft, missiles and aerospace vehicles from around the world. Knowledgeable volunteers support well-maintained exhibits tracing the history of flight starting from the beginning and moving through World War II, Dawn of the Jet Age, The Cold War, and Keeping the Peace.

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Nearby Destinations

Antelope Island State Park

Spectacular birding, free-range bison and convenient wildlife viewing on the craggy Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake are accessible via a scenic causeway. Several trails popular with hikers and mountain bikers traverse the mountainous island and the park serves as a great launch point to explore the Great Salt Lake by boat or kayak. Historic Fielding Garr ranch house is a well-preserved and entertaining pioneer ranch house.

Brigham City Fruitway

In late summer, northern Utah’s famous peaches reach their peak and many of the finest make their way to the fruit stands along Highway 89, just south of Brigham City. Epicureans will enjoy eating their way through the many fruit, homemade pie and preserves from vendors along the drive.

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Also near Brigham City, the Great Salt Lake is one of the premier migratory bird flight paths in North America. The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is among the finest spots in the area for bird watching, including the American white pelican, blacknecked stilt, American avocet, white-faced ibis and snowy plover. As many of 200 species of birds make a seasonal stop in Bear River.

Spiral Jetty

The massive earthwork sculpture Spiral Jetty by famed artist Robert Smithson is in a remote but accessible area of the Great Salt Lake. The earth art is popular with photographers and travelers who enjoy exploring off the beaten path and is an internationally known earth art piece.

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